You’re Smart, Successful, and able to figure everything out...

Except weight loss


Let me guess

You can figure out how to earn multiple degrees, build a career, raise a family, and manage a household.

But figuring out weight loss, has you stumped.

You can’t believe that after all these years you are still fussing over your weight.

You’re Frustrated because it seems like your body and metabolism are broken.

And ashamed because your willpower is fading and your motivation is gone.

So you start a new diet, do everything right, don’t lose weight, throw in the towel, eat everything in sight, and start again on Monday.

And the cycle continues.

But what if I told you there’s nothing wrong with you, your body, or your willpower.
What if the problem all along was misinformation about how to lose weight in perimenopause.

And the key to weight loss success is learning how to

Are you ready to start losing weight?

This work takes commitment and dedication.

Because all the tools and information I teach does nothing if you are not doing your own work.

Maybe there are some women who can lose weight by just printing off a meal plan and following it.

But most can’t.

Most need someone by their side to get over their beliefs about losing weight.

There’s nothing wrong with you.

You are not broken.

You are human. You’re just not wired to be 100% sure you can do something you’ve not yet done.

If you are all-in, let’s talk about my 8 week program.

It’s one on one and customized to fit your needs.

We address not only nutrition, hormones, exercise, and supplements but also emotional eating, cravings, and body image.

You learn how to reach your goal weight and maintain it for good.

You must apply to qualify.

Fill out the application.

If you pre-qualify, you will be able to schedule a private call with me to discuss…

…where you are right now

…your weight loss goals

…the obstacles standing between the two

…how working with me can help you reach your goal.

I am excited to hear from you!

I know you’ve tried other programs, meal plans, and hired personal trainers.

I know the idea of paying a coach seems like a risky investment when you have yet to see a return on what you have already invested.

I know how hard it feels to see other women lose weight. And to wonder if there’s something wrong with you.

Here’s the thing. For most of us, weight loss takes more than just downloading a meal or plan, following a workout routine, or printing off a supplement list .

It takes having an expert by your side to help you through the weight loss process.

It’s the missing piece you’ve been searching for.
There is nothing wrong with you.
You are not broken.

Get started today.

You’re almost there...

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