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Screw It! I’ll Start My Diet Again on Monday – How to End the Weekend Self Sabotage When it Comes to Losing Weight

Over indulging on the weekends is the nemesis for many women struggling to lose weight. Getting out of the “start again on Monday” cycle can feel daunting. I lived in this cycle for years until I discovered the secret to navigating Friday-Sunday without guilt, shame, or defeat when it comes to losing weight. In this live presentation I will show you how to end the cycle while still enjoying the weekend and stay on track when it comes to reaching your goal weight.

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Finally get answers to your weight struggle by Learning the three reasons you can’t lose weight in perimenopause that no one has told you.

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Weight loss in perimenopause requires a different approach. As your coach, I will show you the correct way to lose weight that no one else out there is teaching. I combine my expertise in nursing, nutrition., and hormones along with my life and weight loss certification and created an weight loss program for women in perimenopause.

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